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Perennial Kunming South High Speed Railway International Healthcare and Business City

Perennial Kunming South High Speed Railway ("HSR") International Healthcare and Business City, comprising two plots of land, is positioned as a one-stop regional healthcare and business hub, spanning a maximum allowable gross floor area of approximately 6 million square feet ("sq ft"). The development is strategically located next to the operational Kunming South HSR Station.

Kunming South HSR Station is located in the capital city of Yunnan Province, and is the largest HSR station in Southwest China1. The station is also positioned as Yunnan Province’s East Asia and Southeast Asia Transportation Hub2 with extensive railway networks to various key cities across China, including Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. The station currently serves three major HSR lines, being the Shanghai-Kunming Line, Yungui Line, and Guangzhou-Kunming Line, with plans for the Chongqing-Kunming Line to be launched in the near future. It is also well-served by the operational Subway Lines 1 and 4.

The HSR Station supports Kunming's plan to further develop the city's medical tourism industry with ease of access to popular Yunnan tourist sites, including Dali, Jinghong, Lijiang, Mengzi, Pu-erh, Ruili, Shangri-la, Xiangyun and Yuxi.

As part of the planned Trans-Asian HSR network (part of China's Belt and Road Initiative), Kunming South HSR Station is designated as the gateway station3 linking East Asian and South-east Asian countries (including India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore) to various parts of China.

The development is situated in the vicinity of the University Town of Kunming and it is about two kilometres ("km") from the Kunming Municipal Government, 20 km from the city's Central Business District and 25 km from Kunming Changshui International Airport. Upon completion, the hub is expected to comprise of medical care, eldercare, hospitality, meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions ("MICE"), and retail components.

Property4 Information

Location Plot A1 and A2, Southeast of Wujiaying, Chenggong District, Kunming, Yunnan Province
Description5 Medical



Tenure 40 years, expiring on
19 December 2058
Effective Interest
Land Area
(sq ft)
Over 700,000
Gross Floor Area
(sq ft)
Approximately 6,000,000
  1. People News article dated 4 January 2016.
  2. Sina article dated 8 April 2018.
  3. Sina News article dated 26 December 2017.
  4. As all designs are undergoing refinement, the information in this table is subject to change.
  5. Based on current plans and subject to the relevant authorities’ approval of the plans.

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